I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all my friends and music fans from all over the world to this wonderful new website. I must express my sincere thanks to Rosalind Nichols Marchetti who made such a magnificent job of the website design and graphics. Her team have provided fabulous support throughout and have delivered a terrific website.

There are some elements you will recognise from the previous website, such as Were You There, which still continue to be extremely important to me and hopefully to you as well as they are a living memory of the concerts we all shared together and of your own personal memories about the things taking place in your own life at the time.

You will also notice that I have reinstated the message board again. This was taken down some while back. Instead of being the place where like-minded people could exchange views and ideas it had increasingly become a place where some individuals decided to vent their frustrations and petty gripes. This was disruptive. On this new site we now have ways of preventing this sort of thing from reoccurring so I am sure that you will now be able to go and participate happily and speak your mind freely.

Lastly I would like to thank Joe Trzepla and Pete Smith who actually built and programmed the website. Very well done - it was no mean feat.

Just before signing off I should mention that there are a number of very exciting things taking place in my own musical career right now and I will be announcing these during the coming weeks so please visit here from time to time and make sure you get updated.
Anyone who has any questions or needs any further information about the website, please contact Eileen@greglake.com. She will be pleased to help you.

Ellie Schwartz will handle any press or media enquiries: ellies@aol.com or 1.347.678.1760. Her colleagues at QEDG Management, Martin Darvill and Stewart Young, will discuss any management enquiries: qedg@live.co.uk.

Welcome back. We are glad to see you all.

Very Best Wishes,
Greg Lake.