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SomethingElse Reviews describes how Greg would like to expand beyond his prog-rock labels : read

Daily Express UK web article about Greg, his life today, and his upcoming tour : read

Rockerilla Italian-language article about Greg's upcoming Italy dates : read

SomethingElse Reviews talks about the stories Greg has been sharing n his "Songs of a Lifetime" concerts : read

York Press on Greg's upcoming Pocklington Arts Centre appearance : read

SomethingElse on Greg's UK tour: "A meeting rather than a concert" : read

November 20th concert referenced on Liverpool Live : read

Article about the chef doing the "Breakfast With Greg" in La Quinta : read

Greg makes the cover of Desert Star Weekly : read "Legendary Greg Lake performs at the Aladdin" : read

Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess lists ELP & KC albums among his "Top 10 Prog Albums of All Time" : read

The Acoustic Storm: small feature on Greg Lake (click the link on the site) and he will be featured on the Eye of the Storm program this summer : site

Gibson: 10 Great Players Who Chose J-200's : read, May 11
Legendary singer Greg Lake to perform at the Mesa : read

Zoiks! Online Magazine, May 2012
Greg Lake coming to Illinois : read, May 7
ELP's Greg Lake to play concert & offer biography : read, April 25
Info 101: Vintage Music 83: Greg Lake at the Varsity Theater : read

Minnesota Good Age, May 2012
Greg Lake to play concert in Minneapolis : read

Twin Cities Magazine, Minneapolis
Welcome Back My Friends, To Greg Lake's Songs of a Lifetime : read

Citipages Classifieds, 5-1-12
GL plays in MN : read

Tampa Bay Newspapers', 4-23-12
Greg Lake Plays Capitol Theatre : read

Washington Life Magazine, 4-18-12
Music Notes: Greg Lake : read, 4-17-12
Greg Lake to play in Ridgefield : read, 4-16-12
From the Beginning with Greg Lake : read, 4-16-12
Beloved vocalist Greg Lake will perform at the Keswick : read

Skeleton Pete, 4-14-12
Still You Turn Us On: Greg Lake : read

Hour Community, 4-12-12
Greg's concerts are their "top pick" : read

Billboard, 4-11-12
Another ELP Reunion? "Probably not," says Greg : read

Desert Sun, 4-10-12
Describes Greg's show coming May 26 along with a special VIP "Breakfast with Greg" the 27th : read

le Journal de Montréal, 2-08-12
French-language article about Greg : read

La Presse, 4-07-12
French-language article about Greg : read

Limelight Magazine, 4-07-12
Greg Lake lets fans put him "In the Hot Seat" : read

ABC News Radio, 4-05-12
Article about Greg Lake Tour: read

Boston Music Spotlight, 3-01-12
Discusses Greg's upcoming tour and his stops in Massachusetts :
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