Were you there?
Share your memories of any King Crimson or ELP
show that Greg ever performed!

To anyone who has ever attended an ELP or Greg Lake concert please take a close look at this "Were You There" element of the site, I really think you will find it interesting.

Over the many years I have been performing there have been countless times when people have come up to me and recounted personal stories of when they had attended ELP or King Crimson or Greg Lake shows, or perhaps when they bought a certain album and how it had affected their life in some way.

Some of these stories were truly remarkable and some deeply touching, some even terribly sad, but most of them thank goodness were positive, things like when I first met my wife, or when I was at college and heard Brain Salad Surgery for the very first time etc. Anyway, I always found these stories deeply interesting and wished that they could all be recorded or written down somehow.

One day I came up with the idea of getting all these stories and recollections assembled by having a place on the website called "Were You There".

Here you will find every show that either King Crimson, ELP or myself have ever performed, including the ones you yourself have attended. Click on any date and you can not only read other peoples memories and experiences, but you can also post your own up there as well. These entries will all go to make up a fantastic historical document of over 40 years of concerts and recordings by myself, King Crimson and ELP that have been performed all over the world and of course it was you who were there to make it happen and so we want you to be included personally in this fantastic historical account.

Please leave as much information as you can about the event you attended, including any personal experiences or recollections, even what was the weather like can be a fascinating piece of information, especially when talking about some of the outdoor events. If you have photo's then even better.

Although the idea of this is essentially to create a living record of these events, it is also important to record the more personal aspects of how the shows may have affected you personally and emotionally, or how your life was at the time, or perhaps something that came about as a result of attending one of the concerts.

It is about us, we were actually there and these days will never come again, so it is very important to try and keep a record of these wonderful events and this remarkable and often life changing era.

I very much look forward to reading your stories.

Best Wishes,

Greg Lake.