GREG LAKE ON...(from 2009 and earlier)

Ken Dashows's Q104.3 Birthday Interview with Greg Lake - Part 1; November 10, 2009: listen

      Part 2: listen

      Part 3: listen

Radio interview with Dennis Kay: listen

Greg Lake on what makes his solo career different than his time creating music within ELP: read

Greg Lake on creating new music at this point in his life: read

Greg Lake on the importance of honesty in creating music: read

Greg Lake on his continual search for a knowledge that is worldly,
in nature: read

Greg Lake on the first rock song he learned to play: read

The real story behind "Lucky Man": read

On The Making of "Black Moon" & the ELP 1992 Reunion: read

On why ELP broke up in 1980...: read

On classical music as an influence...: read

On the legendary King Crimson LP, "In The Court Of The Crimson King...: read

The truth about the connection to Jimi Hendrix...: read

On working with Emerson, Lake & Powell...: read

On working with Asia for the MTV special, "Asia In Asia"...: read


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